2018 06-23 All: - New animals: Saw fish, Walrus, Bobbit worm, Frilled Shark, Mantis Shrimp and Mahi Mahi - Animals re-skinned - Bugs fixed - Evolution dialog improved - Evo tree changed: * Mantis Shrimp evolves to lionfish * Dragon Fish evolves to Frilled Shark * Frilled Shark evolves to Sleeper Shark and Goblin Shark * Mahi Mahi evolves to Dolphin * Walrus evolves from Leopard Seal * Saw Fish evolves from Hammerhead 1vs1: - Re-added, Saw Fish and Walrus will be added later 2017 07-21 PD: - Fixed can't respawn if server is full - Piranha becomes an option at seagull level ALL: - Fixed some animals being unable to damage others - Manatee and piranha boosts reduced - Sunfish temp. and pressure time increased - Remora now has 50% of armor pen. 07-19 - Server performance improved - Fixed: Food spawning inside ground - Top tier won't collide with tier 1 animals (except bots) PD - Pearl can't be picked by tier 1 animals - Correct scorer displayed in finish screen 07-14 BETA PUBLISHED - Beta is now official, to gather further feedback. If any fixes are needed, a new version will be uploaded - Beta includes a new Biome, and new animals, designed by: Bald Eagle: John Fallot (Pathos316): Portfolio) Hippo, Crocodile, etc.: FlllllSH (Reddit) Snapping Turtle: TheGiantSlug (Reddit) And many ideas given by countless players, like DogJelly and others. 07-14 PD: - Fixed piranhas death spamming death log - Fixed piranha starting next round with same level - Only main piranha shown on map - Added anti-spam on loading screen chat - Hippo dash doesn't damage Pearl Cover All: - Fixed long names in chat and king list - Press option number to choose evolution - Fixed Lamprey being attacked while attached - Reduced hippo dash attack damage, added 1 boosts, turns slowly, can't eat food while dashing - Fixed water border disappearing after 07-14 PD: - Added chat to loading screen FFA: - Fixed: The dolphin/marlin's jump to gain speed ability does not work in the raised portion of the river. - Slightly lowered swamp islands (to help animals climb) All: - Greatly increased coconut exp - Show evo dialog even when only one option - Increased XP to regain dead piranhas - Added speed increase indicator - Hippo ability changed (DogJelly's idea), needs testing - Eagle can eat dam food - Orca damage restored - Eagle can grab up to tier 9 animals except manatee, and increased the depth it can go into water without losing it's skill - Piranha salinity time reduced, dash time reduced from 2 to 1.5s - Electric eel can't eat while using skill - Disabled HP auto-regen if salinity is on zero 07-03 (FFA Only) - Cave added to the swamp, and leveled part of it with the rest of the ocean (Alex01012 and FlllllSH ideas) - "Hide" button to evolution dialog added - Stonefish barbs poison damage fixed (was 10% dps), and one time damage reduced to 50% of Stonefish damage, affected by armor (DogJelly's idea) - Bald Eagle temperature time increased, can't be poisoned by snakes, inflicts bleeding on animals it can't grab while boosting, base speed increased, can boost underwater, one-hit kills animals with less than 10% hp while boosting (Pathos and FlllSH ideas) - Remora's pressure time increased to 20s, speed to 120% - Whaleshark needs less food to gain drones, drones prioritize bigger animals - Snakes can be attacked while attached, can't attach to Bald Eagles - Cachalot dissolves snowballs with its soundwave - Fixed bug of dissappearing trees - Added coconuts for Pelicans (someguy_someplace's idea) - Unified on grab hit damage, except for eagles (DogJelly's idea) - Piranha system changed 06-26 later - Fixed piranha evolution bug - Fixed polar bear unable to dig into islands - Fixed can't attack Eagles while they hold animals 06-26 NOTE: I spent a big part of the weekend solving a host related problem, so I couldn't work as much as I wanted on the game itself, sorry! - Frog health and oxygen time increased - Electric eel oxygen time increased - Fixed piranhas xp problem - Fixed bug of animals hiding while being grabbed - Electric eel can electrocute whoever grabs it - Piranha won't restore salinity time when evolving - Common salinity time reduced to 30s - Flappy Ducks height lowered - Fixed tree and swamp tree's hitboxes - Piranhas don't collide with their brothers while attacking 06-24 NOTE: Most of the servers were suddendly turned off, the company that hosts them told us it was a mistake of them and it's solved now. I'm sorry for those who were playing on them, hope it doesn't happen again. 06-22 - Fixed many bugs - Piranha health reduced - Only tier 3 and lower can hide in broken trees - Some more changes 06-21 later - Fixed many bugs with piranhas, evolving, etc. - Now you can evolve to swamp animals in any biome - Piranha can choose to evolve to other animals - And more... 05-19 - All: Whale's skill absorbs barbs and snowballs - Stone Fish's barbs damage increased to 7% of max life, poison lasts 5 seconds & base DPS increased to 10% - Skills don't affect spawn protected fish - Original: Fixed eatable food - PD: Fixed throwing pearl while standing still - Fixed Stone Fish unable to pick pearl while boosting - Match information is now stored, leaderboard coming soon! (for Original too) - Fixed pearl suddenly going down when throwing it 05-16 - Animals boost at half speed when slowed down (ie. by Cachalot) - Cachalot oxygen time increased by 30 seconds - DPS dealt to Giant Squid grabbing a Cachalot increased from 3% to 5% - Pearl Defense: Lamprey can attach to animals from Crab - Right mouse button won't trigger the context menu - Fixed Whaleshark's remoras attacking each other - Sunfish can't eat algae - Stone Fish consumes oxygen 3 times slower when standing still underground - Added Spectating feature (Ghost fish designed by Alex01012) 05-14 - Pearl direction indicator appears when pearl is outside shell - Beaver attack reduced - Turtle armor now protects head too, and health increased - Sunfish and Stone Fish can attack own species, can't attack fish - Fixed (hopefully) memory leak that caused slowdowns 05-13 - Fixed Pearl Defense bugs - Octopus disguises as a team member of the last victim's team 05-12 - Two new game modes!: - Pearl Defense (BETA): Capture the other team's pearl and bring it to your goal to win the match. - Original: A recreation of the first Deeeep.io version. - Two animals: - Stone Fish and Sunfish were designed by John Fallot (Pathos316): Portfolio) 04-15 Fixes - Top tier tree changed (see this post) - Fixed bug of animals using ability when hit by whale using skill - Fixed bug with Pollock not respawning - Whale can't suck Cachalots - Polar bear stun duration varies from 0.5s to 2s depending on the distance of the hit - If Polar Bears hits an animal while its stunned, the latter will start bleeding - Fixed bug with lamprey unable to attach to Whale - Increased AFK time to 20 minutes - Lamprey can live in cold water now - Chat names for #1,2,3 colored - Other fixes and optimizations - Fixed bug with menu not appearing after death - I'm still working in the new gamemode, it'll come soon! 04-07 - Squid grab speed increased - Marlin health reduced by 100, damage reduced by 20 - Pelican grab time reduced to 15 seconds - Oxygen for fish now regenerates slowly, not instantly 04-06 - Whale Shark health increased by 100 - Whale Shark remoras now don't attack & can't be attacked when not in attack mode - Marlin damage reduced by 20 - Giant Squid doesn't gain speed boost when grabbing Whale, Cachalot and Whale Shark, and only gains 30% with the rest - Giant Squid is dealt DPS when grabbing Cachalots - Pelican can grab squids now too - Death screen now shows correct reason of death - Fixed respawn as blobfish/worm/fish accordingly - Attacks against whale don't get increased by speed if it's using its skill - Whale Shark remoras prioritize whoever 1. attacked 2. was attacked by their host in last 5s - Fixed bugs 04-05 Later - 1 new animal: Marlin, designed by John Fallot (Pathos316): Portfolio) - Marlin bounce speed increased - Polar Bear, Whale Shark and Marlin can damage same species - Whale Shark now doesn't need to go up to breath - Whale Shark speed reduced 10% - Pelican can't damage seagulls for now - Now each pre-end creature has two evolving options - Tree diagram of evolutions coming soon 04-05 Beta News - 4 new animals, including: - Whale Shark and its remora drones were designed by John Fallot (Pathos316): Portfolio) - Pelican was designed by FlllllSH - NOT fixed teleport to the artic bug yet - Orca now only bounces when releasing if the prey is pushed to the ground - Many fixes - Some planned visual improvements didn't make it to this beta, so I'll continue working - XP required to level up reduced around 10% 03-18 later - Italian translation fixed and updated (thanks Lykanos!) 03-18 (except Asia 3 and 4) - Fixed bug where death screen wouldn't appear after changing tabs - Fixed bug where jellyfish wouldn't poison if killed by one-hit - Fixed bug about Orca instant hitting after release - Orca bounces after releasing, to avoid victim stuck against floor - Giant Squid can now grab a boosting Shark - Orca can't grab cachalot - Narwhal can't walk anymore 03-17 later - French translation fixed and being updated (thanks Pablo Melon) - Swedish translation updated - Ukrainian translation added and updated Russian one (thanks pronyuk_) 03-17 - An abandoned house appeared in the deep sea. It's said its owner left long ago, after it was attacked by a Giant Squid and its pet was kidnapped. - (FROM BETA) Four new animals (two of them designed by John Fallot (Pathos316): Portfolio) - (FROM BETA) One new hide spaces (shipwreck designed by Pathos too!) - Balance tweaks - Oarfish FOV on the deeep increased - Other changes (changelog in progress) 03-14 - Fixed sudden disconnection bug - Fixed octopus ink bug - Fixed permanent invisible Anglerfish bug - Added air bubbles leaking from shipwreck (h1637727's idea) - Trying to find the cause of the random tp bug - Volcanos in cold water now increase temperature - Jellyfish and below can now hide in volcanos - Giant squid grabbing damage reduced to 50% (and can only grab beaver or above) - Balance tweaks 03-13 - Four new animals (two of them designed by John Fallot (Pathos316): Portfolio) - New shipwreck hide spot (designed by Pathos too!) - Many changes (changelog still being written) - NOTE: Random teleport bug not fixed yet, working on it. 03-04 - Fixed bug that caused browser to crash after long time playing 03-03 - Fixed bug that caused serious lag 03-02 - Map width and deep biome depth increased - Floating food amount increased - Turtle position changed - Lag and bug fixes 03-01 - Server with best latency is choosen automatically - Oarfish attack damage increased - Oarfish can heal seagulls too 02-28 - Two new animals (designed by Pathos316: Portfolio) - Field of vision in deep sea greatly increased - Pressure system changed - Anglerfish deals x2 hit to whom eats his food - Anglerfish has two boosts - Anglerfish turns completely invisible when stealth - Min. attack multiplier by speed increased from .75x to 1x - Shark and Orca can eat NPC fish - Fixed screen stuck when grabbed by Orca bug - Fixed white light in deep ocean bug - Fixed floor bug - Whale: food eaten while using skill doesn't regenerate boost - Wrong habitat invulnerability replaced by a warning message before evolving - Removed whale damage bonus for sharks (and bonus for orcas is divided by amount of whales near) - One boost refilled on level up - Many other fixes and tweaks 02-18 later - Added Hungarian language (thanks dav) - Fixed whale ability 02-18 - Volcanoes food now lasts like before - Fixed flying worms bug (hopefully) - NPC fish added in artic - Starter animals give XP when eaten - Worm boosts removed and attack damage reduced - Anglerfish FOV increased by 2.5x - Some more fixes and changes - More changes planned but will be in the next update, sorry 02-14 later - Fixed bug of food reappearing only in deep part 02-14 - Changed worm and leopard seal order - Map height reduced 30% - Penguin can now eat algae - Deep entrances reduced and made smaller - Food regeneration problem fixed (but if food is still too low, then tell me and I'll set the food quantity higher) - Jellyfish, Ray and Squid can now live in cold deep area - Whale's skill absorb nearby food - Anglerfish spawns the last food it ate! - Anglerfish FOV in the deep increased 50% 02-13 - 5 new animals - 1 new bioma - Killerwhale can be hit while grabbing - Killerwhale max grab time to shark reduced from 4 to 3 seconds - Whales and Killerwhales can hit same species - When evolving in a non-suitable bioma, player becomes invulnerable until it goes to the right one - DogJelly's idea: Whale attack increases when Killerwhales or Sharks are near. 5% per Shark and 15% per Orca, stackable 5 times. Attack only increases towards Sharks/Orcas. - Islands size is now random (between 1x and 3x previous size. - New (empty) land on the cold side - Fish (orange ones) gain a speed boost when near other fish, 10% per fish stackable 5 times - ... (will continue writing once I'll remember) 02-03 - Added Dutch, Polish, Arabic, German, Czech and Estonian, thanks DaanKuif, Sylogista, imad hamaidi, saschahi, h1637727 and Sämmu L.! 02-02 - Added Croatian/Serbian, French, Italian, Finnish, Swedish and Turkish languages, thanks Costa97, ChinardGaming, EdThedoc, enpyera, flexes, qhawa and Alpmert! - Added manual language switch at the bottom right - Press ESCAPE to show main menu (without leaving the game) 02-02 - Added Chinese and Spanish translations, if you can help me to translate the game into other languages, please, contact me! - Shark cannot eat food while in rage - XP scales changed a bit 02-01 - XP left displays both % and number - Max attack boost due to speed decreased to +25%, except for shark using rage - Turn speed now immediate again, except for shark using rage - Crab health increased 50% - Killer whale now grabs sharks for less time - Killer whale gets slower depending on the size of what it grabs - Penguins have now 2 boosts - Fixed bug of fish getting stuck under the floor 01-01 - Evolution tree (thanks DogJelly!): - After penguin you can choose TShark and Dolphin - TShark evolves into Shark - After dolphin you can choose Killer Whale and Whale - Shark has a new pasive (Bloodseeker) and active (Rage) skill (rage increases speed for 4 seconds, but slows rotation speed) - Dolphin has a new pasive skill: Jumping on water increases it's speed for 4 seconds, stackable 3 times - If Killer Whale grabs a shark, it will lose all it's oxygen - Sharks without oxygen lose 10% of it's max life per second - Top animals stats tweeked - Penguin move speed increased 30% - Attack damage now varies according to the speed (from -25% to +50%) - Glaciers now have igloos for penguins to hide - Whales cannot attack whales - Changed XP scales a bit - Map 1/3 bigger 01-20 - Added three NA servers - Added 1 Asia server - Added 1 Europe server 01-19 - Whale can hit (but not absorb) other whales - Animals inside whales won't lose temperature - Reduced XP required by seagulls to level up - Reduced floor algae XP 01-18 later - Reduced jellyfish damage and speed - Fixed x2 problem with food not reapearing - Fixed whale bug that allowed it to absorb beavers, and many tweaks - Reduced jellyfish bounce 01-18 - NEW ANIMAL: Jellyfish, after crab! - Killer hit doesn't cause bounce if the victim is more than 3 levels lower than the attacker. - Spawn protection implemented: 5 seconds of invulnerability. - Cool damage splash indicator added - Increased penguin boosts to 3 - Reduced the required XP for higher levels - Fixed problem with food not reapearing 01-17 - New animal - Cold water section! - Login system (be sure to login, there will be cool updates related) 12-15 - Whales cannot absorb whales now - Increased persons and flappy ducks XP by 50% - (Live in servers that have been restarted, like NA1,2,SA2,3,4,London) 12-12 - Two new animal with special abilities! - Many performance fixes 11-25 - Hide/show chat pressing M - Sudden deaths bug probably solved 11-24 - Thanks to all the beta testers! Now all the servers have been updated. - Maps are 3x wide - Much more people per room! - New animal, more coming in the next days! - Islands! - New Asia and Sao Paulo servers! 11-9 - Added two servers for South America. 11-8 - Start next round with a percentage of the XP you had (if you don't change server) 11-8 - Added two servers (in London and USA) 11-7 - Added two servers (in Texas, USA and Frankfurt, Germany) NOTE: Europe server is having some performance problems, we are talking with our host (Linode) to solve it. 11-5 night - Increased Dolphin and Beaver oxygen - New oxygen bar above player, turns red when low. - Perfomance fixes on the server, should work better. - Increased the xp of persons and flappy ducks - Added new food source below beaver dams 11-5 morning - Fixed bug of players falling out of the map - Show animal info message - Added food eat animation